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How do I start using my Clio Brewer?

Congrats on your new Clio.  Here's how to use it:

First Time Use: 

1- Plug the machine in and fill the water tank up to where it indicates MAX.

2- Lift the handle, insert the green cleaning pod, put the handle back down.  make sure there's a cup or mug in place.

3-All lights will be blinking including the red triangle.  Press any button.  The machine will run for 15-20 seconds then stop.

4- All lights except the red triangle will now be blinking together. wait 1 minute until all lights go steady and stop blinking. (heating mode)

5- Click on C, E or T buttons and let the first cleaning cycle finish.  It will take about a minute.

6-Lift the handle, the green cleaning pod will drop in the canister.  remove it from there and save it for future cleaning cycles.

Now your Clio brewer is ready to make coffee (read Regular Use)

Regular Use (stand by mode):

1. Whenever plugged in, lights are always blinking one at a time (standby mode).  This does not consume much energy at all. 

2. When ready to make a cup, lift the handle, drop a pod and push the handle down

3.  All 3 lights will start blinking together (heating mode) and after 1 minute they will go steady and the machine will be ready to brew.

4.  Once lights are steady, click C, E or T button to brew you favorite cup


What if my Brewer is not working?

You can refer to a quick start guide, try to open the Brewer handle to warm up the machine, check the user manual or send us a note and help@cliocoffee.com.



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How is Clio system different from other single-cup coffee systems?

At clio, we believe we figured out how to deliver an amazing tasting, full-strength, rich full cup of coffee in about a minute in just one click.  And you don’t even have to go to the store – coffee pods can be auto-delivered to your doorstep.  Our coffee system is engineered with high-pressure brewing and double filtering technology which extracts the best flavor from handpicked, Italian-roasted beans.  Our pods are also made from 50% less material and from fully recyclable material compared to the leading single cup brand.

What pods can I use with the clio machine/brewer?

Clio brewers work exclusively with Clio pods. Here's why:  Clio makes such great coffee because of the combination of 1. The clio machine which uses high-pressure brewing to extract maximum flavor from the coffee beans, and 2. Our unique Clio pods which are engineered with double filters to extract maximum coffee flavor and each contain ~13 grams of top quality coffee roasted in the hills of Northern Italy to make a full-strength 10 oz cup of coffee (about twice the competition) or a double espresso which can be enjoyed as is or poured on ice for iced coffee or iced latte. 

What are Clio pod "Best by" dates?

“Best By” dates on Clio Pods are a way for us to encourage people to use their Clio pods as close as possible to their coffee harvesting and roasting date for absolute, maximum freshness.  

These dates are completely and 100% voluntary and optional.  Clio pods retain their freshness way past their “Best By” date (for a year or more), and there is no expiration date for coffee and absolutely no requirement to state a “Best By” date.  

While you may continue to see “Best by” dates on your Clio pod boxes, it is completely perfect to use them past those dates and the coffee will continue to be extremely fresh.   

To be honest, with the pandemic, it’s been a little more difficult for us to maintain the normal efficiency of our supply chain to ensure you always get pods within the absolute “Best By”  dates, but be assured that your Cliio pods will always be as fresh or more fresh than other coffees on the market, which do not have "Best by" dates.

We unequivocally assure you that any clio pods you receive are absolutely fresh for consumption.

How does Clio offer premium coffee experience but without the expensive price?

Because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy an amazing and full cup of – that coffee luxury should be made simple and attainable. Everyone deserves to enjoy a great cup of coffee without the hassle of having to figure out which coffee to buy, how much to use, then having to figure out how to make a great cup of coffee, let alone the expense that goes with enjoying premium coffee. If you are tired of choosing convenience over taste or taste over convenience, Clio is right for you


What is the Clio system?

The Clio system is a Clio Brewer+ Clio pods + auto-delivery option (you can also get clio and pay as you go). The pods are engineered and make in Italy and designed in a way to work with the Clio Brewer to extract the most flavor of each blend to make a perfect cup of coffee for you.


Do I need to buy both a Clio Brewer and the Clio pods to enjoy Clio coffee?

Yes, the Clio Brewer uses clio pods exclusively to brew a perfect cup of coffee for you to enjoy at home or on the go. With the Clio Brewer you can use your home coffee cup or your travel mug – it fits a wide variety of sizes.


When is the best time to enjoy Clio coffee?

We curated 4 handpicked coffee blends and a tea blend for you to enjoy (we’re also working on more blends to come in the future). We wanted to simplify your mornings and daily routines by offering an exclusive Rise and Shine blend that is ideal for your first cup in the morning; Smooth Sailing blend for a late morning or early afternoon second cup, and Pick Power blend for the afternoon over-achievers when you need to kickstart your day. Evening Delight is a decaf blend for the evening or any tie.  And of course, you can enjoy our black English teatime tea any time of the day (or night).  We curated our blends perfectly for you so you do not have to waste precious moments of your day trying to find the best coffee flavor.


Where are Clio products made?

We roast, curate and package all our coffee and tea pods in the hills of Northern Italy in top notch facilities. The Clio Brewer is designed and engineered by leading Italian designers and engineers with generations worth of coffee making knowledge, passion and expertise.

Ordering & Subscriptions

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Where can I buy Clio coffee products (Brewers and pods)?

Clio brewers and clio pods are currently available exclusively through the clio coffee website  www.cliocoffee.com.                                              


Do I have to have a subscription to get clio coffee?

No.  You can either sign up for a subscription (auto-delivery) plan or purchase clio coffee products any time, both via cliocoffee.com 


What is a monthly subscription plan?

To make sure you can always enjoy awesome clio coffee, a subscription plan automatically delivers to you a certain amount of clio coffee pods each month based on the subscription plan you select (There are currently 2 plans: 30 pods per month, 60 pods per month).  You can change the blends in your subscription from month to month.  


What are the advantages of subscription plan?

Subscription plans have many advantages:

You get your clio brewer at $149, then depending on the subscription level or if you buy as you go, you get pods at different discount levels ($0.83, $0.99 or $1.25 per pod)

Your clio coffee pods are auto-delivered directly to your home

You don’t have to worry about running out of clio coffee

You can manage your account and orders online at your convenience.                                                   

What subscription options are available?

There are currently two types of subscriptions available:

Monthly 30: $29.70/month for 30 pods ($9.99 per 10-pack)

Monthly 60: $49.80/month for 60 pods ($8.30 per 10-pack)


Is there a membership fee for a subscription?

No, we do not charge any additional fees once you sign up for an auto-delivery subscription option.


How long does a clio coffee subscription last?

Your annual subscription kicks in on the day of your first Clio coffee purchase. It will be auto-renewed every year until you modify or cancel it.


Can I change the amount of pods in my monthly subscription plan?

You sure can.  You can add more clio pod 10-packs to your monthly delivery, as long as the total is not below your subscription plan monthly amount (30 pods per month or 60 pods per month), and your new monthly total number of pods is not more than double the monthly subscription plan you’re on.

Any additional pods you add to your monthly order will be charged at the discounted per-pod price of your subscription plan.

To change your monthly delivery amount, simply log into your account and make the changes you need per the above.  You can make changes to any monthly order up to 7 days prior to the shipment date of any monthly order.  Check your account for those dates.


When are monthly orders shipped?

Monthly orders are shipped on the monthly anniversary of your purchase date (date may be adjusted for holidays or weekends)


Can I change the pod blends in my monthly order?

Absolutely.  Simply log in to your account and change the mix of your clio pod blend selection.  You can make changes to any monthly order up to 7 days prior to the shipment date of any monthly order.  Check your account for those dates.


Can I change my subscription plan from one plan to another?

To change your subscription plan please email us at help@cliocoffee.com


Can I cancel my monthly subscription plan?

We would hate to see you go! You can cancel your subscription any time by contacting us or by choosing a “Cancel subscription” on your account. At any time you consider canceling your subscription prior to the agreed upon term, please email us at help@cliocoffee.com 


Cancelling a subscription plan in the first year

You cannot return the clio brewer or any unused clio pods upon cancellation of a subscription plan. Regular returns and warranty rules would apply.

If a subscription is cancelled within 30 days after purchase, you can return the brewer and any unopened, unused pod 10-packs for a full refund. (see returns)


What other terms and conditions apply to the auto-delivery and auto-renewal policies?

Our Terms and Conditions resource on the website specifies other details on clio coffee.


How can I give Clio Coffee as a gift?

You can gift any clio coffee product or subscription.  Just visit the clio coffee online store at cliocoffee.com  

Payment & Shipping

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What payment types does clio coffee accept?

Clio coffee accepts any major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). See clio store for details.


When is my credit card charged for the monthly auto-delivery subscription plan?

You credit card will be charged on the shipment date of your monthly order


How much will you charge my credit card monthly?

You will be charged the amount that is displayed in your shopping cart upon checkout and will be confirmed via an email.


Where do you ship?

We currently ship Clio coffee products only within the United States.  Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may take a little bit longer. We are currently unable to offer shipments outside the United States


When will my Clio Coffee order arrive?

Your order will usually ship within 1-2 days of your order and arrive within 5-7 days of your order date, and you can expect to receive new orders every month thereafter.  Weekends and holidays may impact shipping and delivery dates.


What is the cost of shipping?

For monthly subscriptions and one-time purchases, there is a flat delivery charge of $5 per order (the $5 shipping charge covers up to 1 brewer and 12 pod 10-packs).  Each additional order will be charged a separate $5 shipping charge


Shipping Logistics

You can always track your shipments by logging into your Clio account. We will also send you a shipping confirmation email once the order is shipped. Clio Coffee currently ships to the continental United States. Clio pods are shipped via USPS and Fedex. You’ll receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number as soon as your Clio order is on its way. Delivery does not require a signature.


I'm having problems with my tracking number.

Oftentimes the carrier takes 1–2 business days to register your shipment status. If your tracking number isn’t updating or working at all, please email us at help@cliocoffee.comso we can provide you with an update.


I signed up for Clio Coffee and never received my shipment.

I’m missing a product from my Clio Order.

We are so sorry about that! Please email at help@cliocoffee.comand we’ll respond within 24 hours.


Please send your name, account information and details of the product that you are missing to help@cliocoffee.comand we’ll respond within 24 hours regarding your order.


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Can I return my clio coffee products? How do I return my clio coffee products?

Please contact help@cliocoffee.com to initiate a return and/or refund as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to send back your clio brewer or pods without contacting us first.

If your experience with clio coffee isn’t absolute awesomeness, we totally understand. Everyone has their own unique preference for coffee.

Brewer returns
We can provide a full product cost refund (less any incurred shipping costs) within 30 days of purchase.  

Email us to confirm our return address and an RMA number for your package. Return postage is not included.  Before you ship, please record your personal tracking number or request a tracking receipt as we cannot issue a refund for lost items without proof of tracking.

Pod returns
We provide a full product cost refund for pod orders too (less any incurred shipping) within 30 days of purchase.You can only return unopened pod 10-packs.  Please email us to confirm our return address and an RMA number for your package. Return postage is not included, and we are unable to issue prepaid shipping labels.


The guidelines above only apply to items purchased directly from clio coffee through our web store, not through retail locations or any third parties. 

If you would like to return any clio coffee products that were purchased from a retail store, you'll need to contact the retailer to proceed with a return and refund. 


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 Do you have a warranty / guarantee?

 Clio coffee offers a one-year warranty on all clio brewers and pods. If you ever encounter a problem with your clio system, please follow the steps in our user guide as most issues can be solved with a quick home fix. If this didn’t fix the issue, please send photos of your clio coffee system tohelp@cliocoffee.com and we will help you ASAP. Please make sure to provide the email or order number associated with your clio coffee order.Please note, this is a guarantee against manufacturing defects, not product misuse. While we will provide support and assistance for all issues, if your clio coffee product has stopped functioning or has physically broken from incorrect use ie. Using, handling, refilling or storing it in a way other than that illustrated in your welcome and user manuals and on our website, or from general misuse, we cannot offer a free replacement.

In the case of a warranty claim, you may be asked to send back items for testing. If we do not receive these back, we will not be able to replace future items for warranty requests.


Only clio coffee products purchased through our website are eligible for warranty coverage. Proof of purchase is required for warranty claims. In order to move forward with warranty coverage (including replacements), you must have a clio coffee account.


If there are any outstanding disputes of payments, orders or charges associated with your information, this will void your warranty until they are removed or resolved.


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Clio pods are 100% recyclable.  Simply open used pods by removing the top cover and empty the used coffee grounds.  Your pod is now ready to be recycled.

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