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twice the coffee, twice the taste, plus espresso and tea


the real deal

distinctly flavorful
twice as much
plus espresso & tea

"k" brand

small & weak

watered down
small cup
no espresso

good housekeeping loves it

better beans. better brewing. better everything

3 Coffee Beans Line Art

the best beans

we search the world for the best beans and curate blends worthy enough to be in your cup

perfected in Italy

our coffee is roasted to perfection in the hills of Northern Italy so you can enjoy a taste of la dolce vita

Pressure brewed

high pressure extracts more flavor from every bean so you can enjoy more taste in every cup

recyclable pods

our pods are made with 100% recyclable material so they're good for you and great for earth

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simply exceptional

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i switched to clio and will never go back. it's exceptional. it brews an amazing cup of coffee in just one step, and i get it delivered right to my home. simply wow!

Ashley A

Dallas, Tx

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Clio brings more

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I love that Clio brings more coffee options to a market where most focus on just one type of coffee drink - I love espresso and my boyfriend loves americano so this lets us do both with one machine! The pods also provide really potent coffee which is categorized by occasion or time of day - so smart!

Vanessa C

Dallas, TX

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as good if not better!

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I used to exclusively go out for my iced coffee because I never thought the ones I made at home tasted as good. Now that I have my Clio machine, I can make them in a few seconds at home! They taste just as good if not better!

Hayley J.

Charlotte, NC

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It's convenient, fast, amazing

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Finally a coffee machine that fits with my home aesthetic and is great for small spaces. Clio Coffee makes working from home a lot easier. It's convenient, fast, and most importantly this coffee tastes amazing as is.

Angie G

Fort Worth, TX

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I love my clio

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i love my clio. the taste is as good if not better than what I get at the coffee shop, and I can get it anytime at home in a minute..

Nick L

Austin, TX

makes cafe quality
coffee and more...




Clio Rise & Shine Coffee Pods
Smooth Sailing
Clio Peak Power 60 Coffee Pod Subscription
Evening Delight
Clio English Tea Time Pods

5 premium blends

Rise & Shine - Mild Roast

10 Pods Per Pack

Smooth Sailing - Medium Roast

10 Pods Per Pack

Peak Power - Dark Roast

10 Pods Per Pack

Evening Delight - Decaf

10 Pods Per Pack

English Tea Time - Black Tea

10 Pods Per Pack

Shop Pods Shop Pods Shop Pods Shop Pods Shop Pods

let's do this. it's easy.


Pick your brewer and blends

try clio with or without subscription


delivered to your doorstep

never run out of your favorite coffee


No strings attached

customize or cancel your order anytime

enjoy all of this. anytime.

Get your Clio risk-free and enjoy the best thing to happen to mornings since the snooze button!

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