SuperHosts, SuperBrew!

Welcome to SuperHosts, SuperBrew. 

To guarantee travelers can enjoy great tasting coffee on the road and in the comfort of their “Airbnb home”, Clio is launching its “SuperHosts, SuperBrew” Program making it easier than ever for Airbnb Superhosts to offer their guests the best coffee experience.

For most people, coffee is a non-negotiable ritual – even when on the road.

According to a recent survey, 60% of Americans say availability of good cup of coffee at an Airbnb rental or hotel is important to them. After uncovering how crucial a high-quality cup of coffee can be to a five-star stay, Clio wants to make it is as easy as possible for Airbnb SuperHosts to offer that much-needed perk.

At Clio, we believe the best Airbnb hosts offer the best coffee. Period.  So we’re making it easier for hosts to do just so.  We want to help them elevate their guests’ morning routine with ease, and are excited to upgrade as many SuperHosts as we can with Clio, so that guests across America have access to a five-star coffee experience when staying at an Airbnb.

Are you an Airbnb SuperHost?  Nice to meet you.  We’re inviting you to upgrade your coffee experience by offering you a free luxury Clio Brewer and a super deal on Clio pods.  Apply by sending us an email to with your name, email, social media links and link to Airbnb page.

Once you receive your brewer, tag us on social @cliocoffee #SuperHostsSuperBrew.   It's as simple as that.

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