Nowadays, I am a loyalist to Clio Coffee.

For the past few months, I have been working from home, and in general spending most of my time at home. But home-based existence or not, I have never been a morning person. In turn, I need that immediate boost, which a cup of caffeinated coffee will offer. Prior to June 2020, I had a traditional coffeemaker that I was happy with. The night before I’d fill the water tank to the top — always requiring a Brita refill — add the coffee, clean various parts, and set the timer. Around 10 minutes of work each day, and it doesn’t even guarantee that 2 people get all of their coffee meets met.

Nowadays, I am a loyalist to Clio Coffee. Clio is essentially a one-stop coffee solution. The company has both the space-efficient machine it sells and the coffee capsules that go into the machine. After you done initial cleaning of the machine — a simple process that only takes a few minutes after getting it out of the box — it is ready to use. No software to install. When you are ready to enjoy some Clio Coffee, you simply insert a capsule, have a little water poured in the back, put your coffee mug down, and press one button; the machine has separate buttons for “E” (espresso), “C” (coffee) and “T” (tea). The drink comes out hot, but not too hot, and ready to drink in less than a minute. Each capsule makes a 10 oz. cup of coffee, or double espresso for iced coffee, or iced latte. No pouring apparatus to clean, just need to empty the internal container with the empty capsules every now and then.

All 5 of Clio’s blends are hand-roasted in Northern Italy, and for the coffee-loving environmentalists out there, the capsules themselves are 100 percent recyclable.

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